Targeted Nutrients

The CW Arborists, Ltd. staff are skilled at reading the signs of deficiencies in leaf material, twigs and soils. We use advanced testing methods to assess the nutrient needs of trees.  We then deliver the correct metered dosage. This method helps ensure vigorous growth and optimal health.

Composts & Mulches

We often use composts to help build soil profiles, add organic material and enhance biodiversity. Keeping trees and shrubs properly mulched is a key component in mastering tree health. Mulch regulates the moisture, temperature and water distribution to the plants and trees.

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Michael S. Gaines,

ISA Board-Certified Master Arborist NY-5314BT


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CW Arborists, Ltd. -

Connecticut Shoreline

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Michael S. Gaines,

CT State Arborist Number: S-5997