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Tree Spraying

CW Arborists injecting an American Elm tree for prevention of Dutch Elm Disease, Sagaponack NY

Plant Health Care

Whether pathogen, pest or people, your great trees need protection. CW Arborists, Ltd. develops custom health care programs for each tree and each property. This ensures that the nutrients and essentials are on site, in the ground and on the leaves when they can do the most good. 


Organics are a great way to solve many problems and many problems are solved easily with organics! Gypsy Moths, Bagworm, some populations of Mites, are controlled very well this way. Organic tick and mosquito repellents and nutrient products are first on our list.   

Pine Pitch Turpentine Beetle Sap

Insect & Disease Management

We specialize in diagnostic, curative and preventative services for every scenario. If you have a stand of beech, a grove of apple trees, a solitary American elm or a thousand boxwood - our team has the education, experience and tools to protect and maintain your trees and shrubs. 

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